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CCJ Innovator of the Month June 2019

We are honored to be recognized as CCJ’s Innovator of the Month for June 2019 with our Certified RED program. Becoming CertRED is an accomplishment for each Nussbaum driver that completes it.

A newly Certified RED driver welcomes the rewards of a pay boost, graduation ceremony, gifts, and company-wide recognition.

We won’t take away from this great article from CCJ – read it here.

Exciting Quotes from the Article

“Nussbaum drivers can engage in their own terms and in their own way. It’s not something we try to force drivers into.” – Jeremy Stickling, VP of HR and Safety

“There is excitement when you have a target you are aiming for. Certified RED establishes a challenging target, and drivers really feel they’ve achieved something substantial when they hit it.” – Brent Nussbaum

“CertRED drivers are averaging 80 more miles per week than nonparticipants, which represents about a 3% increase in productivity, and the drivers are earning between $70 and $140 extra per week.”

“The total number of drivers who have enrolled or have graduated with CertRED is about 160.”

“Nussbaum has a 400-truck fleet, and the momentum is building quickly from the influence that CertRED drivers are having on their peers to join.” – Jeremy Stickling, VP or HR and Safety

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