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For over 100 years, Home Sweet Home Ministries has been a place of refuge for those facing the complexities of homelessness and food insecurity. Their motto is to “demonstrate Christ’s love through innovative approaches that instill hope, restore lives, and build community.”

In today’s exchange, Dayton chats with Matt Burgess, CEO of Home Sweet Home. You may know about HSHM’s shelter and dining services, but have you heard of their members-only grocery store? The community center? The annual event where fundraising supporters sleep in their cars? The time when Matt almost sold his sports car to a rock-n-roll star? (You read that right!).

Tune in to hear how this century-old organization is helping individuals and families work towards a stable, secure future. We hope it inspires listeners to see needs in their own neighborhoods and take up the same cause of restoration and hope.

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