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In 2015, Nussbaum’s very first trailer artwork – “Celebrating Faith & Family” – hit the road. In the nine years since, we’ve released twelve additional graphics, including “Forgiveness Brings Freedom,” “Love Above All,” and most recently, “There is Hope in Troubled Times.” But you may be wondering…..why so many designs? Where did these ideas come from? Why use trailers?

Believe it or not, the story begins in 1990, when Brent Nussbaum (now our CEO) left the family business he would eventually run. In today’s exchange, Brent discusses how that decision introduced him to the world of trailer graphics and eventually led him back to Nussbaum. He also shares how a Nussbaum driver and the book Loving Monday transformed his view of business and inspired him to make Nussbaum a ministry. But the story doesn’t end there…….

We’re also joined by Brent Hanson, Founder of The Moriah Foundation. His story and ministry played a crucial role in creating the various graphics you see on the road today. Together, Brent and Brent answer questions like, “Where did the slogans come from?” “How did they go from idea to finished artwork?” And “Why are they so impactful to viewers?”

Press play for a very special and inspiring episode of Terminal Exchange!





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