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Morning, noon, or night – the Nussbaum shop runs ‘round the clock! Sometimes, it’s all hands on deck to finish a time-sensitive repair. Sometimes, it’s trying to fix a truck caught in a flood. And sometimes, it’s braving -25-degree weather to get a truck in a bay.

The shop team stays purpose-driven through it all – a true family environment where life gets shared, friends lend a helping hand, and yes – sometimes a few pranks get played. As mechanics, Michael Collins and Jake Gray have seen it all, and they consider the shop team a great group of guys to work with. They love what they do and know how to have fun while they do it!

Press play for a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Nussbaum’s shop.


“The trucks are maintained well, it’s a clean facility…it’s a good place to work. There’s a lot of good people here, and we have a lot of fun times.” – Mike

“Tony, being Tony, showed me a video of a cat falling off of a ledge….he printed out a little certificate – which I still have to this day – which says that I passed my “how to land like a cat” test.” – Jake

“I’d like you to describe your job right now…without using words.” – Saige

“You can tell by driving by on the interstate it’s a good place to be, a good place to work.” – Mike (about Nussbaum)

“I have a lot of respect for the management team that we have out there [in the shop]…they all do their jobs amazing, which in turn makes everyone else do their job amazing. You always try to reflect off of your leaders.” – Jake

“I’m a lot older than Jake is, and I’m a little bit smarter than Jake is.” – Mike

“I don’t regret a lot of things I do in life, but I regret drinking almost a whole gallon of apple cider that night.” – Jake

“It’s open out there. You can have a conversation. It’s a good group of guys that work out there. It’s great how we communicate with each other and how we get along…you don’t find that a lot of places.” – Mike

“Everybody was doing something to get that one truck done. We had no time to waste on that one.” – Jake

“I just happened to look over at his fuel gauge, and it’s past “E.” And our friendship was almost over right then.” – Mike


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