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Press play on this quick, bonus exchange. Nussbaum crack-ups Chris Vincent, Brian Cannon, and Mark Stalter will have you rolling. Happy Father’s Day!

Dad Jokes

This episode is sure to make you smile, and no introduction can truly do it justice.

Full of so-awful-they’re-funny jokes, jokesters laughing at their own jokes, and sounds effects (“Ay-yooo!” “Bingo!” “Ba-dum-tssss”), it’s a can’t-miss episode.

Like Phillip mentions in the beginning, if these guys don’t have you laughing, we can’t be friends.


“Your eyes are sure to roll at some of the jokes your ears are about to be blessed with.”

“We’ve got a room full of one-uppers right now. This is not going to end well.”

“What makes a Dad Joke?”

  • “It’s gotta be cheesy. Corny. A groaner, if you will.”

“If you can finish the joke in front of the other dad, you win his cargo shorts.”

“That’s why I can’t remember my daughter’s name half of the time because all of those dad jokes are in the brain.”

Bonus Video

Here’s a collection of Dad Jokes presented by some familiar faces from the Nussbaum office.

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