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We welcome CEO Brent Nussbaum back to Terminal Exchange this week as we discuss our 3rd quarter driver survey results.

Want answers now? This episode is for you. Brent addresses the overly busy operations departments, new hires, and concerns about Nussbaum’s growth. Take heart that the comment you submitted in the survey has been read, will be addressed, and is being worked on now.

Plus – hear about some new rollouts heading to your truck soon!


  • “We did have one of the biggest years in our history for growth, and it was almost 20%.”
  • “Ultimately, we know that they are not exactly a driver-friendly tool on our trailers, and we’ve been looking around for quite some time at a replacement that would be much easier to work with.”
  • “I don’t want to say it’s indestructible. I’ve watched a truck drive over it … it’s somewhat indestructible, let’s put it that way.”
  • “But otherwise, assuming all goes well there… and the numbers…”
    • “You’re really trying to back me into a corner, aren’t you, Phillip?”
    • “I am trying to back you into a corner!”
  • “We don’t want to be just another trucking company out there. We want to be the one that you’re proud to work for.”


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