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Hop to it and don’t dilly-dally on pushing play this week. We’re keeping it real – and keeping everyone in line – with Country Boy Kent Pitchford.

With understated humor that will have you in tears, Kent shares his take on Nussbaum’s office staff, rolling with change, and training new drivers. Get a behind the scenes, unfiltered diagnosis of sales, accounting, and operations at Nussbaum because Kent’s going to tell you how it is.

Don’t miss the genuine heart behind the loving teasing – in the span of a few recent years, Kent has beat cancer, quit smoking, and given his life to God.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss.


  • “The Sales guys, they lost my account for Caterpillar. And I sat down in front of them, and I said, ‘I outta take out your knee caps. I had this Dedicated run for six years!’”
  • “I said, ‘You guys are messin’ with my gravy.’”
  • “Oh, they’re my favorite women in all the world except for my wife and daughter. Because they’re the ones that take care of my paycheck.”
  • “Brent handed me that hat and made me proud.”
  • “I’ve got to give a shout out to all them guys in the office that are going out and getting their CDL’s.”
  • “Some of them are just weenies and can’t handle it out there in the trucking world. So, they say, ‘Well, we’re gonna go hide behind the office.’”
  • “Come on – wake up! You live down this road. And you still don’t know your exit!”
  • “You can’t get over-rambunctious or over-excited about things. Just flow easy.”
  • “You gotta be willing to get along with anybody. That’s one of the chores that’s tough.”
  • “I had a friend of mine that was a cop. I said, ‘Run my MVR…’ And he kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.”
  • Phillip: “I’m not sure we’d get a whole lot accomplished if you came in here to the office.”
  • Kent: “No, because I’d probably fire half of them. So…”
  • TEASER QUOTE “I haven’t laughed so hard through an interview in a long, long time.”

Kent’s Baptism (0:36 – 1:20)


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