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We’re back this week with an even-keel trainer and Road Captain that also can’t be trusted with a taser.

Jeff Jackson inspires with a pep talk on Nussbaum as a company and how proud he is to be a part of it but also spices up the conversation with stories from four years in the Marine Corps and 15 years as a Firearms Instructor for the nearby Pekin Police Department.

We’ll talk trucking (of course), but we’ll also sit entranced as Jeff relives the scary moments of law enforcement alongside the belly-laughing, I-can’t-believe-that-happened funny side of law enforcement.

Have a seat and enjoy this episode of Terminal Exchange with Nussbaum driver, Jeff Jackson.


  • “In the squad car – once you get your vest on and all your equipment, you’re kind of crammed in there.”
  • “And if you squinted your eyes just right at night, the sand looked like snow… It was the most meaningful Christmas.”
  • “I knew I wanted to go into law enforcement since I was four years old. You can’t become a police officer until you’re 21. So, what better thing to do than join the marines, right?”
  • “My brother and me, we were actually both over in the Persian Gulf at the same time, too.”
  • “I had always wondered if I could do it. I think a lot of people wonder that. Can I drive something that big? That far? Safely?”
  • “But, I did taze one of my best friends on accident. That’s a pretty good story.”
  • “I told him, ‘I just tazed Baxter.’ And he just starts laughing and goes, ‘Did you give him the full five seconds??’ And that’s when it hit me that I did – that I could have turned it off! And I said, ‘Yeah, I guess I did!’ And he high-fived me.”
  • “The first thing anybody notices about Nussbaum is how nice everybody is. It’s like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.”


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