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Jump back in with Mike Stumreiter this week as we buzz through a conversation on he and his wife’s new hobby and small business – beekeeping. It will not bee boring, and the bee puns are actually surprisingly minimal.

What started as a battle royalé with wildflowers turned into a welcoming of 20,000 bees into his eternally flowering backyard.

Enjoy this buzzworthy episode, from the “ah-ha!” moments to the connection Mike makes between beekeeping and trucking. You’ll learn and laugh guaranteed.



  • “We went to the store, and it was $8 for a little jar of honey… that one ingredient costs more than the meat we put into the meal!”
  • “If we lose bees, the downside is, we lose everything, people.”
  • “In beekeeping, ten beekeepers will give you 12 different answers. I go, ‘It’s kind of like trucking!’”
  • “I don’t know why we don’t have a truck driver president yet. We know it all. And if we don’t know it all, we will ask another trucker that does know it all.”
  • “Each hive had a three-pound package [of bees]. In the three-pound package, there are 10,000 bees.”
  • “It looked like an Armageddon of bees. I’ve never seen so many bees in my life.”
  • “You want to see a dance that’s never been invented – let me get stung.”


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