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He’s back with even more eyebrow-raising hilarity and deep-rooted conviction. Colonel Jay Clason willingly jumped back in the hot seat at Terminal Exchange to finish the tale from his last episode’s cliffhanger. Plus, he’s got more war stories and advice to share.

In the slush of winter, Jay questions why you learn to put chains on in a warm, dry environment? And he’s got a more realistic way to train.

And with so many stories to tell, we jump from tire chains to an encounter with a North American elephant – that is not a statue, I repeat, it is not a statue, and how visiting churches and showing up to God appointments throughout the nation has given him some fantastic stories to tell.

From conversations in American cabs to conversations on the hoods of Humvees in communist countries, come close, because Jay has some stories to tell.


  • “My recommendation for our trainers is bring the trainee in and put down about three inches of ice and let him lay in it, and when he’s up underneath there trying to fasten it, well, just throw a couple of buckets of ice water on him. And he’ll be prepared for the real world.”
  • “That thing starts shaking violently, and all of a sudden the door pops open, and this soldier comes flying out backward, jumping on one foot and his boot’s on fire!”
  • “This fella jumped up on my running board, I rolled down the window, and he says, ‘Just wait right here, I’ll get my elephant.’”
  • “It was like the spirit of God was impressing on me to stop and help this guy.”
  • “She said, ‘You are here as an answer to my prayer. I’m 87 years old. I have been praying for my husband to become a Christian since the day we got married. I have been praying in the past two weeks, ‘Lord, do not let me die without knowing what happened to my husband. You are here in answer to prayer, and I can pass in peace.’”
  • “You never know who you’re going to meet where and what opportunity the Lord is going to give. And it may be the last opportunity for that individual.”
  • “Just as my boot hit the ground and I look out there, I’ve got 17 AK47’s pointed right at my chest.”
  • “I’m gonna die, but I sure hope none of my soldiers do. And I really hope that that young Corporal on that second Humvee is manning that machine gun.”
  • “He lamented to my mom, ‘If that boy could do his homework as well as he remembered jokes, he’d be a straight-A student.’”


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