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On our first Terminal Exchange episode of 2021, we’re welcoming Hugh Sands into the recording studio. Hugh’s a driver, Road Captain, and Training Engineer at Nussbaum.

But before he was here, he invested 22 years in law enforcement. Starting at a county jail with the sheriff’s department and working his way to the police chief, Hugh’s seen a lot, and he’s willing to share.

In a time when police/citizen relationship tensions are dicey, it’s good to hear from a former officer. Hugh touches on police relationships in communities, tax dollars and tickets, and divulges his experience with racial profiling.

Press play, sit back, and enjoy this episode of Terminal Exchange with Hugh Sands.


  • “I became a police officer in several different villages. One of them is our fuel stop, Village of Oakwood, where we fuel a lot. I was the Police Chief there. I was a Police Officer there for 18 years.”
  • “I used the Miranda Rights one time in 22 years.”
  • “My suggestion to anybody that deals with the police is to be polite and answer their questions. If you’re not guilty of anything, you don’t have anything to hide.”
  • “When I was a kid, I stole a box of Cracker Jack for the tattoos. I was four years old, and I remember it like it was yesterday. My mom’s roommate took me straight to jail. Never taken a thing since.”
  • “I feel like every delivery I’ve made, I’ve accomplished something. Or when I get to a tight area, and I make the back, I feel pretty good about myself.”
  • “This mix of treating us like what we do matters, that we’re a part of something. I haven’t felt that since I’ve done farm work.”


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