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Ep. 58 // How to Survive a Pandemic


What do we do in this time of uncertainty? Are you panicking and shouldering worry about the future? Are you consuming every piece of information on COVID-19 you can find? 

If the past week or two has left you worn down, helpless, and feeling like a sheep without a shepherd, stop. Listen to this message from Nussbaum Chaplain Jim Revelle. 

Jim gives you six truths to focus on in a time when our attention is being pulled in every direction. Take a breath, press play, and let’s focus on what we do know.


  • “The world is flooded with frightening news, and it tends to have this negative momentum.”
  • “I’m here to calm your worries, reduce your anxieties, and relieve your fears.”
  • “Not every person on TV or radio knows what they’re talking about. And not everyone who’s talking about the crisis is worth listening to. Be selective.”
  • “When emotions rule, we lose sight of the big picture.”


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