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In this week’s Terminal Exchange episode, we speak with Jerry Risley, Nussbaum driver of 11 years who recently retired to enjoy a slower pace. Jerry started his driving career with Prairie Farms and left Nussbaum and the road behind after 34 years.

Listen in on the conversation as Jerry talks through the highlights of his career as a driver. From the hours of alone time over the road to the joy of arriving home to his family each week, Jerry reminisces over the years.

Nussbaum is losing an excellent driver to retirement, but Jerry is most deserving of this time to enjoy, rest, and love his family.

Enjoy this brand new video format of Terminal Exchange and watch Jerry and Phillip’s interactions throughout the interview.


“You’re kind of like your own boss out there.”

“No matter where you go, the best place to go is your own driveway.”

“I’m still going to be recruiting for you guys!”

“If you do find something wrong here, Nussbaum will fix it.”

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