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Seemingly straight out of Little Women, Johanna Auer is a hand-sewing, baking, skirt-twirling lady who isn’t intimidated by her 80 feet of tractor/trailer day in and day out. She’s a modern-day truck driver for Nussbaum with the soul of a 19th-century lady.

If you met Johanna on the street, you might have difficulty believing that she is a driver based solely on her hobbies and gentle personality. But you’ll see her in the Nussbaum uniform, ready to tackle the job in this episode of Terminal Exchange.

She’d been dreaming of being a truck driver since she was eight years old. And up until a few years ago, working the backend of retail fueled her passion more as she saw the other side of trucking.

Introducing Johanna Auer, a Nussbaum Trainee Graduate and now a professional truck driver. We are proud to have her on our team!



  • Neil Barbour says:

    Maybe she would like to get involved with the Women in trucking association, just so the association knows what a great place Nussbaum is for women drivers.

  • Wendy W says:

    What a fun and enjoyable podcast episode. Johanna is an inspiration to myself and many other women also. So happy I discovered the Terminal Exchange.

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