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Justin and Jon are characters. But they aren’t just known for that around Nussbaum. They are also known for their great character. Justin Worden and Jon Hohulin are Maintenance Coordinators in the shop office. And at home, they fly RC planes, do yoga, build trucks, and raise children.

Check out this episode of Terminal Exchange and listen in as they tell tales of hiring on at Nussbaum, Justin’s shock at how Jon acted on his first day, and Jon’s attachment to an inanimate object.

You won’t regret pressing play on this episode of Terminal Exchange and enjoying the witty personalities of Jon Hohulin and Justin Worden.


“He just orders things and sometimes answers the phone.” –Justin

“I was a prodigal and they took me back with open arms.” –Jon

“He’s part of my team. I consider him my brother. Somehow we have the same interests.” –Justin (about Jon)

“I have people that know people, Jon. Nothing is safe.” –Justin

“One of my goals was to get the interior of the truck smelling like tobacco.” –Jon

“Man, I can’t wait to see my family from work.” –Justin

“I go to the Bible in the morning – who better to give me a pep talk than the One who created me?” –Jon

“I kinda get emotionally attached to my pens. You’ve been with me through a lot.” –Jon

“We’re always thinking, what can we do better? What can we improve on?” –Justin

“Forgiveness brings freedom? Absolutely it does.” –Jon

“Be meek. Meek sounds like weak but it’s not weak at all. Be teachable.” –Jon

“I don’t think people realize how important they are. They truly are what kept this country moving.” –Justin (about drivers)

“We went through three cameras, breaking them.” –Justin, on his modeling career

“I’m unusual as a person, but I don’t have talents.” –Justin

“Billie Jo’s kind of like our shop mom. We don’t want to say the wrong thing and then get set on fire.”



Yoga Mat

Pilot Pens

Monster Drinks

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