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Cleaning the shop ceiling. Shoveling the sidewalks at 4 am on a wintery morning. Stocking pallets of toilet paper. Just an ordinary day in the life of Garrie Atkins & Steve Neil, Nussbaum’s facility maintenance team. 

Garrie & Steve have a lot of life experience between them. Garrie has been with Nussbaum for over 40 years in various roles, and Steve has worked in industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. Now, they keep Nussbaum’s facilities running smoothly – not a job for the faint of heart!

From teasing Saige about cookies to offering their insight on what makes a successful career, Garrie & Steve have lots of down-to-earth wisdom and fun stories to share.

You won’t want to miss this episode of Terminal Exchange!

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  • Chris Larsen says:

    Great guys! Of course I had Garrie for a dispatcher and if more companies has dispatchers like him there would be way less turnover in this industry in my humble opinion.

    Chris in truck 1743

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