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They’re young, energetic, and claim to be the best-dressed guys at Nussbaum. Mason and Creed are still learning the ropes – remembering to record load numbers isn’t as easy as it sounds – but they’re excited to dive in and find their way.

Without question, Mason and Creed agree that the people are the best thing about Nussbaum. They’ve found role models to look up to, listening ears for their many questions, and a level of respect not often afforded to interns.

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“Everything I thought I knew when I came in got thrown out the window… realize that there’s a lot more to trucking than you thought.” – Creed

“What does bobtail even mean, until you come and work here?? You guys were speaking a foreign language.” – Mason

“Whenever I have a question, people are totally willing to sit down and they talk to me as if I’m not just a kid, but they talk to me as if I was another one of their coworkers.” – Creed

“I like to think that I’m helping the CACs, helping to lighten their burden a bit. With summer, people want to go on vacation and have their fun….I hope that we can come in and allow people to take that time for themselves.” – Mason

“The interns are kind of the best-dressed guys in the building. Hopefully, we change the dress code and get guys wearing full suits every day.” – Creed

“If you can come to work where people have good attitudes and are kind to each other, that makes all the difference. In this industry especially, where so much goes wrong, people with smiles on their faces make it easier to do life together.” – Mason

“I know I asked you this question yesterday, but I need you to answer it again because I forgot.” – Creed

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