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Recorded in the lounge of a 2023 Freightliner Cascadia, today’s episode is all about equipment! Tony & James discuss our partnership with Freightliner and Truck Centers Inc., our maintenance standards, and testing new technologies. Along the way, we’ll answer questions like “how long does Nussbaum keep their trucks?” “How do they decide who gets a new truck?” and “How did you possibly extend your oil change interval to 75,000 miles?”

A special shoutout to our partners at Freightliner, Truck Centers Inc., Detroit Engines, Stoneridge (Mirror Eye), and Merlin Solar Technologies.

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  • Guest: James Grier, Director of Fleet Service & Tony Morthland, Director of Equipment & Facilities
  • Key Points:
    • The origins of our partnership with Freightliner.
    • Our approach to PMs.
    • A sneak peek at some of the new technologies we’re testing on the trucks.



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