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Jessica and Sam Marino – mother & son, driver & co-pilot, fellow adventurers! They both love trucking and are purpose-driven to create a better life for themselves – and have fun along the way! From exploring national parks to rescuing a truck in a tragic situation, Jessica & Sam embrace life’s victories and challenges with a smile.

Listen in as the Marinos share about getting into trucking, joining the Nussbaum team, and life on the road as mother and son.

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  • Guests: Jessica and Sam Marino
  • The Wingfeather Saga
  • Obsidian Rock
  • Key Points:
    • Trucking was an opportunity to meet their goals while giving Jessica more time with Sam.
    • Sam as copilot: looking up parking, helping with pre-trips, cleaning the truck, etc.
    • Activities on the road: museums, national parks, biking, hiking, rock hunting.



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