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Who’s ready for a crash course?! In today’s episode, we’re unpacking Nussbaum’s Driver Scorecard – a proprietary bonus program that incentivizes safe, efficient driving habits (key word there). Under this program, a Nussbaum driver recently added a 9-cent bonus to his mileage rate! Listen in as three of our Performance Coaches shed some light on these questions:

What am I being scored on? // How can I increase my score? // What are the common ways drivers miss easy points? // What’s the benefit of having the scorecard? // What does critical following mean?

You won’t want to miss out!

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  • Guest Host: Mason Ringger, Marketing
  • Guests: Kevin Funk, Dale Littlefield, and Jeff Jackson
  • Key Points:
    • What: scorecard structure, categories, point system, and where to find it
    • Why: understanding how the scorecard benefits you
    • How: advice for improving your score and boosting your earning potential
    • Communication: stay in touch with your DM and the Safety Dpt!



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