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Terminal Exchange, Nussbaum’s podcast, has released 10 episodes since January. Have you heard what the buzz is about?

How to Get Into It

Lively. Enthusiastic. Passionate. This isn’t a review of a new movie, but the guests, many of whom you know, of Terminal Exchange.

You may need to rearrange your thinking to realize that listening to a podcast isn’t forcing yourself to sit through the droning tones of a lecture, but instead, an enlightening entertainment!

Unlike reading emails or watching an episode on Netflix, you can listen to a podcast while driving. Where your radio and playlists get repetitive, a podcast is forever releasing fresh episodes, making your long hauls shorter.

“But how do I start?” Find something you enjoy! Do you like trucking? Nussbaum? Terminal Exchange is a great place to start. But perhaps you have a favorite celebrity, or you love history, politics, technology or sports – there are podcasts for just about every interest. There are even murder mystery podcasts that are told over several episodes! Search for them and try one or two out to see what you like.

Best Way to Listen

You can always listen to Terminal Exchange at, but the easiest way to start listening to podcasts is to use the app already downloaded on your device – that could be Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, or iTunes (desktop).

If you use Spotify for music – you can listen to podcasts there as well.

What are the benefits of using a podcast app? When time is short, and you can’t squeeze in a full episode, you can pause it and come back later to your saved spot. You can also subscribe to specific podcasts, like Terminal Exchange. This will download new episodes and send you a notification as they are released!

One final way to make listening easy? Set up to play the night before, or while you’re being unloaded. Pull the app up, download the episode, and have it ready to go so all you’ve got to do is press play and drop your truck into gear. And away you go!

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