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Ep. 58 // How to Survive a Pandemic

Jim gives you six truths to focus on in a time when our attention is being pulled in every direction. Take a breath, press play, and let’s focus on what we do know.

Ep. 57 // Girl on a Rock: Kirsten Gee

From juggling countless hats in a 12-hour shift in overnight operations to packing a 30-pound canoe around for fun on vacation, Kirsten Gee is a multi-talented gem at Nussbaum who never fails to surprise.

Ep. 55 // From Over-the-Road to Over-the-Phone

  • February 11, 2020December 22, 2020
  • Episodes

These three drivers turned driver managers are the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for at Terminal Exchange. They share a full-circle perspective of Nussbaum from the heart of a driver and the thoughts of a driver manager.

Ep. 54 // The Full 5 Seconds: Jeff Jackson

  • January 28, 2020December 22, 2020
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We’ll talk trucking (of course), but we’ll also sit entranced as Jeff Jackson relives the scary moments of law enforcement alongside the belly-laughing, I-can’t-believe-that-happened funny side of law enforcement.

Ep. 53 // Mike Stumreiter's Class Bee License

  • January 14, 2020December 22, 2020
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Jump back in with Mike Stumreiter this week as we buzz through a conversation on he and his wife’s new hobby and small business – beekeeping. It will not bee boring, and the bee puns are actually surprisingly minimal.

Ep. 51 // Talking With Santa Claus

  • December 23, 2019December 22, 2020
  • Episodes

Like little kids on Christmas morning, we couldn’t wait to sit down and have a jolly conversation with Nussbaum Santa Claus, Gene Reiland, who moonlights as a technician in the shop.

Bonus // The Christmas Story

  • December 19, 2019December 22, 2020
  • Episodes

Listen to this dramatic re-telling of the Christmas Story to set the stage, prepare your heart, and feed your anticipation to celebrate Christmas Day.