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Standing up for what you believe in can cause your knees to click together with quakes – it’s not without a little anxiety that Nussbaum has declared their faith. Hear Nussbaum’s CEO, Brent Nussbaum, retell the story of how using trucking as a platform for faith began.

It’s Always Been Faith & Family

Celebrating Faith & Family has been the core of Nussbaum Transportation since its beginning in 1945 with Alden Nussbaum, Brent’s father. One man, one truck, and 7 kids – he started this business on faith to support his family.

Forgiveness Brings Freedom

Bitterness, resentment, grudges… our world is all too full of negativity. But Brent had a dream to celebrate the freedom that forgiveness – from Jesus to family to acquaintances – brings us all. Have you heard the vision behind the trailer?

Resting in God’s Promises

Brent expands upon the consequences of putting a message of faith-based values out in the world. It’s a decision that tests your faith – hear what it’s like to take that step of faith.

The Heart of Nussbaum: CSRs

The constantly-running, intermeshed, and always-dependable Customer Service Reps of Nussbaum keep the company’s pulse steady. Not only that, but their candy jar and quick wit keep employees’ smiles always at-the-ready.

The Company Cornerstone

The CSRs connect drivers, load planners, and customers alike, and, boy, are they experts at making everyone happy!

Hear from Angie and Oscar of the CSR’s 4DX team as they explain how they’re stopping the domino effect of late loads and updating Nussbaum’s 600 most frequently stopped at customers to eliminate headaches.


  • “I really felt like, you know what, if God is with us, who can be against us?”
  • “The one thing I was concerned about was what happens if a group that doesn’t like our message pressures a large corporation that’s public to not do business with us anymore? And we decided that God was really bigger than all of that.”
  • “We strongly feel like we’re a ministry that is doing trucking to support the ministry. We believe that God owns this company.”
  • “We’re not just in the trucking business. We have a greater purpose and that is to honor God.”
  • “Purpose-driven means that we are truly here to honor God, and we’re here to honor God together.”
  • “When people walk in the door, we want them to be able to say ‘Wow, this is different than any other place I’ve been.’”
  • “We don’t want them to be so distracted that they drive off the road and have an accident!”
  • “That one visual image with the right message on it is really impactful.”
  • “We don’t have to rent a billboard somewhere. We have a rolling billboard.”



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