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Happy New Year!

Kick off the new decade with a two-part series from Nussbaum driver Mike Stumreiter. In part one, Mike laughs through his “young and dumb” days of flying by the seat of his pants across the country, foregoing logbooks, and running heavy – really heavy.

But before long, the tone changes, the banter slows, and a haunting story emerges.

Ignite your humanity as Mike relives the reckless days of his youth up to the gut-wrenching climax that is sure to make you catch your breath.

Put an end to complacency. Don’t break the law. Value life.


  • “From that point, I was dead set, ‘I don’t want this B anymore.’ It was boring. It was just an over-sized station wagon. I don’t want to do this anymore.”
  • “I knew all the warning signs, but yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s never going to happen to me.”
  • “’Whoaaaa, he’s going to miss the stop sign.’ And I’m predicting where he’s going to end up if he stops NOW.”
  • “I got out the words before the point of contact, ‘This is going to be bad. This is going to be…’”
  • “Don’t get complacent about what you’re hauling. What you’re hauling is larger than you think.”
  • “When you think you’re in control of 80,000 pounds, you’re really not.”
  • “Once you start driving that slow, man, will you ever see how dangerous it is out in the real world.”


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