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Nussbaum Driver Gus Posada takes a seat on Terminal Exchange this week. While Gus’ truck was being worked on at the terminal, we eased him into the studio to hear more of his story.

Always cracking jokes and making people smile, Gus was a shoo-in candidate for an interview on the podcast. In his episode, he does make us laugh, but he also divulges his intense “How I Came to Nussbaum” story, and it wasn’t what we were expecting.

From facing foreclosure on his home to taking his family on their first vacation – Gus’s story is one you don’t want to miss. Press play on this episode of Terminal Exchange.



“My bills kept piling up more and more, and we were looking at foreclosure on the house.”

“The truck that I saw from Nussbaum was like a beacon. God put him there at that time.”

“They treat you like you are family, and that’s what I love about it.”

“If it’s going to cause you discomfort, Nussbaum goes out of their way to get you here or into a rental.”

Saige: Bears?

Gus: Police officers…

Saige: OH! I thought I should be looking out for bears now on the road.

“From Assistant Produce Manager to a Truck Driver – that was the biggest and scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

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