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With a combined experience of over 30 years at Nussbaum, Brian Cannon and Matt Cheever have got quite a few stories to tell of their time at our company.

They are a dynamic duo central to the culture of Nussbaum, and their funny (and at times, scary) stories will pull you in.

Though the episode is brimming with enthralling stories, Brian and Matt talk about the stresses of the trucking industry, taking care of drivers, and give a big THANK YOU to drivers for their commitment and excellence.

Join in this bantering, finish-each-others’-sentences episode that is bound to make you laugh. Press play on Terminal Exchange with the unforgettable Brian Cannon and Matt Cheever of Nussbaum Transportation.



“Did I lie a little bit? Enhance the story a little bit? Maybe.” – Brian Cannon

“You feel like you’ve got a little more family here than just coworkers.” – Matt Cheever

“Everybody in this business, whether you’re at Nussbaum or any trucking company, is going to have struggles.” – Matt Cheever

“I think the drivers that stay here and really thrive get somebody they can call on a bad day. They have people they can talk to.” – Matt Cheever

“Just spending about 10 minutes with her, your blood pressure drops, and she brings you back to reality – what life is really all about.” – Brian Cannon

“The car started to slide, we ended up in the ditch, and we got out – The End… no, that’s not what you wanted me to say.” – Brian Cannon

“I’ve never been duck hunting before. I just know a lot about it.” – Brian Cannon

“We might have fractured the occasional law.” – Matt Cheever

“You don’t have to come to Nussbaum as a trucking pro. They take good people and mold them into the job.” – Matt Cheever

“I told him to rub some dirt on it and get back to work. We got trucking to do. You can’t just go to the hospital every time you break a bone.” – Matt Cheever

“We would kick field goals in our dress clothes.” – Matt Cheever

“Don’t let the stress of the work define who and what you are.” – Matt Cheever

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  • Judy Kreiter says:

    Good job, Bryan & Matt. I can think of a lot more stories. LOL. You both set great examles for others to follow. Miss you, and the crazy fun times. Blessings to you both. :). Judy

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