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After receiving his diabetes diagnosis, Will determinedly built new habits. He changed his diet. He changed his exercise routine. He started researching how the body produces chemicals and how they affect us. He even studied the composition of different foods and how their ingredients interact with our bodies.

Today, Will enjoys a healthier, happier, more energetic life. Press play to hear about the second half of his journey – overcoming diabetes! It’s packed full of explanations, tips, and insights for anyone who desires a healthier lifestyle.


Doctor: “Look at this picture here – what do you see? Do you see that bump there?” / Will: “no.” / Doctor: “what did you do?” / Will: “what do you mean?” / Doctor: “It’s gone – it’s not there anymore.” / Will: “I started a new diet, I stopped eating sugar and carbs.” / Doctor: “whatever you did, keep going because it worked!”

“When you’re fasting and your liver is releasing these ketones, your focus jumps up 75%. Your energy levels jumps up 75-100%….I’ve never drank energy drinks before, but….that’s what it feels like.”

“I challenge anyone to try it for a week. Do a fast, allow the ketones to be released from your liver and allow your mind to change its energy source from sugar to ketones, and it will be amazing the difference – your sleeping is better, your energy level is better, your thinking is better.”

“Food is so accessible, so we’re eating 3, 4, 5 times a day. That’s what did it to us. Having the convenience, accessibility to all this unhealthy food.”

“I’m not saying ‘don’t eat this.’ I’m saying, ‘control it.’ Don’t abuse any of this stuff.”

“You can make some meals that are healthy for you that are delicious. As truck drivers, it’s going to be a little more expensive for us to eat healthier out there, and it takes more time. So, it helps me in my fasting because I’m not stopping all the time to get something to eat….I save a lot of time, and I actually make more money because I’m still driving.”  

“I used to take medication every day for the pain in my shoulder and the pain in my knee….I take it no more. My blood pressure is going back down.”

Contact Will Taylor: or 269-214-4782

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