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CCJ Innovator of the Month

We are honored to be recognized as CCJ’s Innovator of the Month for June 2019 with our Certified RED program. Becoming CertRED is an accomplishment for each Nussbaum driver that completes it.

2019 International Roadcheck

Roadcheck 2019 will be taking place from Tuesday, June 4 through Thursday, June 6. Over those 72 hours, about 10,000 federal inspectors will be on the lookout across 2,000 locations.

Ep. 23 // Our Level 1 Inspection: Officer Jeff Swan

2019 Roadcheck is next week, June 4 – 6, and we sat down with Jeff Swan, a risk advisor with HNI who retired from the Wisconsin State Patrol with over 30 years of experience. Jeff talks inspections, encouragement, and unbelievable stories from his days patrolling.

Ep. 22 // Honoring Our Fallen

Memorial Day – it’s not just barbecues, sunshine, and a Monday off work. It’s a day of reflection and gratitude. Listen to the experiences of Nussbaum drivers Brian Stultz, a Patriot Guard Rider, and Lonnie Bartak, a Legion Rider, as they reflect on their service in the Navy and their involvement honoring other veterans.

Ep. 20 // Momma Trucker: Darla Smith

Being a woman on the road is unique but being a Trucker Mama to two of her own children and hundreds of trainee children is all in a day’s work for Darla Smith. She’s sweet, strong, and full of advice to keep her girls safe on the road each day. Darla is bound to delight you in this episode of Terminal Exchange.

Ep. 19 // Plasma Actuators and Flux Capacitors

Plasma actuators, flux capacitors, and who knew that solar paint was even a thing? Join us this week as we talk future-tech and innovation with Truck Centers EVP Justin Hopkins and Nussbaum’s Director of Maintenance, Tony Morthland.