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Ep. 18 // The Wildly Important Gap: Les Kaschner

“As men and women, we need to step back and ask ourselves: “In our life where is the Wildly Important Gap?”

In this week’s episode of Terminal exchange, we dive deep into the 4 Disciplines of Execution with Les Kaschner to learn what they are and how they can help us reach both our business and personal goals.

Ep. 17 // Running the Numbers: Bill Wettstein, CFO

We’re running the numbers in this episode. Our IT department shares their goals for improving communications by decreasing emails from 65,000 to 20,000. Plus, we feature Nussbaum CFO Bill Wettstein and unload ESOP, projections, and company growth.

Ep. 16 // Burnt Behind the Eight Ball: Randy Pugh

He always does both – ruling the pool table and perfecting his planning. Tomorrow’s episode of Terminal Exchange features the fast-talking, slow-driving Randy Pugh. Tune in for a guaranteed laugh.

Ep. 14 // The Best Medicine, Bird Poop, and the ‘C’ Word: Brian Cannon

Underneath the laughter and “Dad” jokes, you might not have realized that Brian Cannon also has a deep, serious passion for supporting families who are facing one of the scariest real-life monsters, childhood cancer. This week, we shared some good laughs and heartfelt stories with Brian to learn more about what drives his passion.

Ep. 12 // The Counselor: Performance Coach, Mike Vanyzendoorn

Growing up near the sights and sounds of Wrigley Field, Mike Vanyzendoorn first found himself behind the wheel of a truck running the streets of Chicago with next to no experience. Years later, the seasons of life eventually led Mike to Nussbaum. This week we talk with Mike about being a driver and pastor and what he looks forward to as a performance coach at Nussbaum.

New To Podcasts?

Unlike reading emails or watching an episode on Netflix, you can listen to a podcast while driving. Where your radio and playlists get repetitive, a podcast is forever releasing fresh episodes, making your long hauls shorter. “But how do I start?”

Ep. 11 // The Survey Says…

Quinton Barrett and Jay Green of People Element join us to talk about measuring employee engagement, collecting data and the importance of sharing it, and how Nussbaum measures up.