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Ep. 1 // Vicky Brown: A 30-Year Nussbaum Legacy

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30 years at Nussbaum. 48 years with her beloved husband. Loyalty is Vicky’s nature. Glean sage advice from a servant-hearted woman who has seen it all and listen to her final moments at Nussbaum.

CFO With a CDL

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We were happy as could be that we had passed and received our CDL’s, but it was a hot afternoon when we brought that 1990 Pete day cab back from Springfield. Without any air conditioning, we had the windows down, and the engine was screaming as we came up I-55. And so conversational yelling ensued.

For I Was Hungry, and You Gave Me Food

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It all started 101 years ago, on Thanksgiving Day 1917. Billy Shelper opened the kitchen of Home Sweet Home Ministries (HSHM) to serve the first meal of its existence.